University and National Lab Collaboration

Syracuse University

Dr. Vadrevu Murthy, who teaches courses and performs research in both helicopter rotor systems and commercial wind turbine analysis and design, has written this Analysis Document and is undertaking an effort to perform mathematical modeling of the novel and complex physical motions of the VAWT/AR design. He estimates this project will span a period of one to two years. We are very much looking forward to his findings, as it will give us an opportunity to evolve the design in a much more efficient and effective manner. Dr. Murthy's analysis will allow us to determine materials, performance and many other critical aspects pertaining to the scaling of the unit to commercial class categories.

Center For Advanced Energy Studies (CAES)

Dr. Raymond Grosshans, Director of Research at CAES, affiliated with the Idaho National Laboratory, has also issued a Referral Statement regarding the Blackhawk technology. A Blackhawk wind turbine has been running at the CAES facility in Idaho Falls since August of 2009.

Boise State University

Dr. John Gardner, Associate Vice President for Energy Research, Policy and Campus Sustainability at BSU, is currently overseeing graduate-level research focusing on the analysis of aerodynamic properties for the VAWT/AR, under a grant coordinated by CAES. See the 1Q11 Research Report.

Sandia National Labs

Dr. Vince Tidwell at Sandia National Labs is working with The Blackhawk Project, LLC to present materials to a range of potentially interested parties both inside the Lab and in the several Economic Development Zones in and around the New Mexico/West Texas area and Arizona.