The PIC40 Universal Controller

The PIC40 Universal Controller was designed, prototyped and tested over a six-month period, mostly in anticipation of the need for a versatile logging and control system for testing the proposed Blackhawk TR-20 production unit. Because details of the future requirements were not known, the system needed to accommodate as wide a range of functionality as possible.

The PIC40 Universal Controller represents a maximal usage of the functionality of the 40-pin SOC (System on Chip), with every I/O pin utilized, some for multiple purposes. It provides a Quick-To-Market (QTM) solution for engineering managers, as well as an ideal platform for embedded programming training.

Just as important as the hardware, a wide range of API (Application Programming Interface) functions are provided that include drivers for all subsystem components, such as the LCD module, keypad interface, potentiometer A/D, 3-bit Gray Code, etc.

System Architecture: